Personality Types in Enneagram Test

The Enneagram Test is one of the personality tests that can be used to determine a person’s character. It is divided into nine types, each with its own characteristics. The results of this test can help determine one’s strengths, weaknesses, potential, and even career choices. Here are the nine personality types in Enneagram:

The Reformer

The first personality type in the Enneagram test is the Reformer. This type is known for being straightforward and detail-oriented, making them suitable for fair and precise work environments. They excel in jobs that require attention to detail, such as accounting, editing, surgery, and architecture.

The Helper

The Helper is the next personality type in the Enneagram test. This type is known for being caring and empathetic, with a natural inclination to help others. They work best in non-profit organizations and positions that involve caring for others, such as nursing, doula work, non-profit organizations, and wedding photography.

The Achiever

The Achiever is the next personality type that can be obtained from the Enneagram test. This type is driven by achieving success and recognition, making them energetic and confident in their abilities. They excel in leadership positions, such as CEOs, business owners, and heads of institutions.

The Individualist

The Individualist is a creative type with a free spirit, expressing themselves well and having a natural inclination towards introspection. They excel in careers that allow them to express themselves, such as artists, writers, social media managers, and advertising agencies.

The Investigator

The Investigator is known for their curious nature, with a desire to learn and analyze things in-depth. They are independent, innovative, and analytical, making them suitable for careers in journalism, research, and engineering.

The Loyalist

The Loyalist seeks comfort and security in their work, avoiding risk-taking. They are reliable and responsible, making them suitable for positions such as bankers, paralegals, and lawyers.

The Enthusiast and The Challenger

The Enthusiast is known for their fun-loving and energetic nature, with a dislike for authority and rules that limit their ideas and execution. They excel in careers that allow for creativity and freedom, such as actors, content creators, and chefs. On the other hand, The Challenger enjoys facing and overcoming challenges. They are hardworking and don’t like to procrastinate. They thrive in leadership positions such as CEOs, PR directors, sales directors, and executive assistants.

The Peacemaker

The Peacemaker is easy-going, emotionally stable, and accepting of others. They are optimistic, creative, and avoid conflict, making them suitable for positions such as teachers, yoga instructors, and retreat leaders.

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