16 Personalities Test for Recruitment in the Workplace

16 Personalities Test for Recruitment in the Workplace

When recruiting employees, skills are not the only important consideration. Knowing the personality of a candidate can also help predict their fit with the company’s work environment. It’s not surprising that checking the characteristics of potential employees is usually done using a special test. One such test is the 16 Personalities Test, which can help recruit employees by determining the personalities they possess.

Understanding the 16 Personalities Test

The 16 Personalities Test is also known as the MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This test is used to assess an individual’s personality. As the name suggests, the test is divided into 16 characters. MBTI is a personality test introduced in 1942 by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. The basis of the test uses the psychological theory of Carl Jung. This test provides an explanation and benefits for understanding and understanding oneself, which can be utilized for suitable jobs. This personality test has a qualitative descriptive nature, not quantitative because personalities cannot be measured and described.

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Types of 16 Personalities Test

When taking this test, you will receive results with one of the 16 personalities. Taking the personality test provides many benefits that can be obtained. So, you can take this test to better understand yourself, know compatibility and match with others, and even choose the right career according to your personality.

The 16 personalities in MBTI are as follows:

ISTJ is a serious, calm, realistic, and responsible personality.

ISFJ is a calm, friendly, meticulous, and caring personality. This type of character can create a harmonious work environment or home atmosphere.

INFJ is a person with high commitment and vision for the common good.

INTJ is a character with original and skeptical thoughts.

ISTP is a flexible figure and an observer to determine the required solution.

ISFP is quiet, kind-hearted, and has its own space.

INFP is an idealistic figure.

INTP has a logical and critical personality.

ESTP is a flexible and pragmatic character.

ESFP is a character who loves life and enjoys working.

ENFP has an energetic and imaginative personality.

ENTP is cautious, outspoken, and good at solving problems.

ESTJ is a practical and realistic character.

ESFJ is a friendly, cooperative, and meticulous figure.

ENFJ is a responsive, responsible, and motivating figure for others.

ENTJ is a firm figure and suitable as a leader.

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Benefits of the 16 Personalities Test

By taking this personality test, it can be used to provide many benefits that can be felt. This personality test also has the same goal as other tests, which is to understand the general outlines of getting to know oneself better. So, MBTI can be one of the tests that can be tried to find out which personality category you belong to.

Broadly speaking, the benefits of taking the 16 Personalities Test are as follows:

In addition to understanding more about oneself, by taking this test, it can also be used to understand others. There are 16 characters described above that can be recognized. So, you can understand that people have different personalities and characters. This test can also identify strengths and weaknesses from the MBTI characters obtained.

This test can identify preferences and dislikes, as well as other people’s preferences.

This test can identify and plan ideal situations that are suitable for you and others.

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Benefits of the 16 Personalities Test in the Workplace

By taking the MBTI personality test, you can get benefits like those mentioned above. One of them can also determine the right career ladder for you. For example, an INFP who is idealistic, although flexible, will prioritize their ideals and will often clash with others who have different views. Therefore, this figure is better off working alone.

The MBTI test can also be used as one of the recruitment methods to select employees accepted in the company. The 16 Personalities Test can be used to get potential workers who are suitable for the company’s work environment and even among other employees. By giving this test in the selection stage, it will be possible to get the right candidate.

Giving the MBTI test can help determine the character of potential employees, as mentioned above. The results can be one of the foundations for proper placement in the company because it is adjusted to the character and potential that is owned. Developing the character that has been obtained can provide the best performance for the company.

So, for employee recruitment, the MBTI test can be given first. A recommendation to give the 16 Personalities Test to potential employees can be done on the Algobash website. This website provides a variety of tests to ensure that you can recruit properly, including MBTI. In addition, there are also verbal reasoning tests, numerical reasoning tests, DISC, Big Five, and reading comprehension tests for recruitment that provide the best results and analysis for recruiting employees.

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