Indonesian Programmers Are Very Limited, Why?

Indonesian Programmers Are Very Limited, Why?

Did you know, there are still few Indonesian programmers. Even though Indonesia is incessantly entering industry 4.0. Where many startup companies are starting to emerge. Indonesia is one of the countries that contributes a lot of unicorn startups in Southeast Asia after Singapore.

Of course, all these companies need a lot of digital talent including programmers. The goal is to be able to produce the best products that can compete in the market.

Indonesian programmers are still very few when compared to the needs of companies in the current era. This is reinforced by a statement made by Samuel Abrijani, General Director of Kominfo, that Indonesia needs at least 9 million digital talents for the next 15 years.

The lack of programmers in Indonesia has forced many companies to recruit talent from other countries. Like what Gojek did, which founded a company in Bangalore, India, because they have more digital talent in that country than Indonesia.

You must be wondering why the number of Indonesian programmers is still small, even though the profession is quite popular, even the demand for it is very large. So, to answer all these questions, through this article in Algobash, I would like to invite you to discuss the factors that influence the small number of Indonesian programmers.

The Reason Why Indonesian Programmers Are Still Few

Many reasons influence this, Algobash has summarized them in this article.

Programming Is Hard

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word programmer? have to do coding? dizzy? scary? that’s the first impression that some people think of the programming field. Yes, it’s no secret that this profession is considered very difficult, that’s why many Indonesian people are reluctant to have a career as a programmer.

Many Are Not Literate To The Digital World

Whether we realize it or not, there are still many Indonesians who do not realize that they have entered the digital era. Yes, professions in the digital world today are still inferior in prestige compared to other fields such as medicine, law, and the others. The digital industry is also very important, especially in the current era. Fortunately, many generations of Z and millennials are open to following technological developments.

Not Many IT Graduates Work as Programmers

According to research, only 30% of IT graduates in Indonesia have a career as a programmer. The rest chose to pursue careers in other fields. This is the biggest reason why Indonesia lacks Human Resources in the digital world. Many factors influence this, one of which is the lack of quality of education they get.

IT Education Quality

In Indonesia, there are lots of universities that have IT majors, but unfortunately not many pay attention to its quality. In other words, education in this field is still getting minimal attention. Many universities only use IT as a major because of the high demand, but do not improve its quality in terms of facilities.

How to Explore the Potential of Indonesian Programmers

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