How to Overcome the Generation Gap at Work

How to Overcome the Generation Gap at Work

Many problems commonly occur in the professional sphere, one of which is the generation gap, which often results in differences of opinion and poor communication between employees of different generations. Even though these differences are commonplace, if they are allowed to continue, they will cause bigger problems that can harm the company, such as decreased teamwork performance and even conflicts between employees. So that these losses do not occur, of course, an HRD must know how to overcome the generation gap.

The generation gap in the workplace is defined as differences in views or opinions that occur between employees of different generations. Every company must have employees with various generations of backgrounds, from baby boomers to generation Z. Each generation of course has different perspectives and values, sometimes these differences can trigger disputes between generations.

So, how to overcome the generation gap in the workplace? Here, Algobash presents a series of the best human resource (HR) management tips to optimize the diversity of generations in your company. What are those? Read the full review below.

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So, how to overcome the generation gap in the workplace?

The way to overcome the generation gap, of course, is not to create a homogeneous team or recruit employees only from certain generations. There are many ways you can bridge each generation that has its own work style. Here are a few things you can do:

This is How to Overcome the Generation Gap at Work

1. Use various channels and means of communication

The first way to overcome the generation gap in the workplace is to take advantage of various communication channels. Ranging from face to face directly, telephone, email, to chat via SMS or social media such as Whatsapp.

Communication technologies such as email and social media may not be a difficult thing for millennials and Generation Z. However, for the older generation who were born before the existence of such technology. It will be a little difficult for them. Usually this generation prefers to communicate in person or by telephone.

Communication is very important in improving the performance of a team. With good communication, of course, it can minimize the generation gap. You can take advantage of various channels or ways of communication from each generation depending on the situation and conditions. Demonstrate communication flexibility to create a sense of comfort among all employees.

2. Conduct technology training that can make work easier

The next way to overcome the generation gap in the workplace is to conduct technology training for all employees of different generations.

However, today’s technology is very important to facilitate and increase work productivity. You must train all employees on the use of technology to ensure that all employees can use it to its full potential.

Use training methods that are effective and attractive to all employees of different generations who have different learning styles. There are many forms of training that can be done such as active training, online courses, peer-to-peer mentoring, and so on.

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3. Create a two-way mentorship from each generation

However, each generation must have its own advantages and uniqueness. To promote a fair working environment, you can create a two-way mentorship program that involves two different generations.

This is done to highlight the involvement of their respective roles. Baby boomers are a generation that has a lot of experience related to how the world of work is. Then, millennials and Generation Z are the generation who are very technology savvy and can use it in their work.

They can train each other, this will make all employees feel valued for their role in involvement in the world of work. In addition, two-way mentorship can also improve the interpersonal relationships of each employee from two different generations.

3. Always respect every employee regardless of generation

One of the emotional factors that affect the generation gap is the lack of respect that employees get. All employees must feel like every opinion or point of view is appreciated. Try to always respect all employees regardless of their age or generation. This can help you to reduce the generation gap in the workplace.

4. Promote work flexibility but stay disciplined

The last way to overcome the generation gap in the workplace that Algobash recommends is to use a different work style. However, each generation has its own way of working that is different from one another. By promoting work flexibility, of course, the company will get maximum results from all employees.

Those are 5 ways to manage Human Resource (HR) that you can do to overcome the generation gap in the workplace. Hopefully all the information that Algobash has provided can be useful for you.

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