How Do Women Impact Your Tech Team?

How Do Women Impact Your Tech Team?

When you hear professions related to technology, what comes to mind most people are jobs that are usually carried out by a man. Be it a programmer or any other position. But, have you ever imagined the role of women in the technology team?

In plain view, the number of women working in this field is far less than men. However, this certainly does not prevent women from developing their talents for a career in technology. Women can still work in almost all fields.

Women’s advantage for your tech team

You may be wondering what impact women have on teams working in tech. Is it profitable? or vice versa?

Did you know, the role of a woman has a huge impact on the technology team. One of them, of course, can increase productivity.

So what are the advantages that can be felt by a technology team consisting of women? If you’re curious, don’t forget to read the full article.

More creative to innovate and make decisions

The first thing you can feel when you have a diverse team is that it makes it easy to innovate. This has been proven by various studies that have been done previously.

Uniting diversity in one team; be it differences in gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and the background will help the team become more dynamic and easy to develop.

More variety means more views your team gets. Everyone has different thoughts from each other if put together will produce something big and maybe never thought of before. It also helps the team to make decisions more efficiently.

Increase company revenue

Quoted from the Womentech Network, according to a study by the Peterson Institute for International Economics which conducted a survey of 22,000 companies worldwide, companies that have gender diversity are considered more profitable. Shares of companies that have 30% female employees increased 15% compared to companies that do not have diversity.

This shows that diverse teams can not only produce innovations easily. The presence of female members in your team can also increase the company’s revenue to be greater.

Better product development

When a team lacks member diversity, especially gender differences. This will make it difficult for companies to develop a product.

The presence of women will contribute many ideas for product design. Especially if you are targeting female consumers, your team will find it easy to develop it because you have members who understand what women like.

Product development in a team is certainly a very important thing to do so that the company can achieve success. The presence of women in a team will certainly have a positive impact and make it easier for the team to continue to grow.

Well, that’s the advantage you can get if your team has female members. The three things above are certainly very useful for the progress of the company. So, from now on try to be more open and accepting of differences so that your team doesn’t lose a lot of what is profitable.

Why does your tech team need more women?

It’s easy to answer this, if your team is diverse it means there’s a lot to be gained. But if not, then your team will lose a lot of creativity, innovation, broader thinking, and other profitable things. As a result, maybe the company will be more difficult to develop, this certainly does not want to happen right?

Hiring women for developers

After knowing the various advantages that diverse teams have, you may be wondering how to find the best female candidates to join your team? Especially if you want to hire a developer.

The best way that can be done is to give a coding test to each candidate you will recruit. There are two approaches you can take, namely live coding or take-home tests. Both can be tailored to suit your company’s recruitment goals.

To perform coding tests, you can take advantage of Algobash’s automated coding assessment tool. Through this tool, you will easily make an assessment even if you have no IT experience. You can also create what type of test to give. Everything can be done easily and quickly in just minutes.

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