Female Programmer: Breaking Gender Stereotypes In Tech

Female Programmer: Breaking Gender Stereotypes In Tech

Female programmer are indeed very limited in number when compared to men. However, this certainly cannot make us close our eyes to admit that women also have good skills in code.

Unfortunately, until now there are still many people who are still shackled by the hereditary stereotypes that view women as impossible to work in the IT field. Nowadays there are many great female programmers with competencies that cannot be underestimated anymore.

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To break this stereotype, in this article Algobash will discuss some of the female programmers who had a tremendous impact on the history of the IT field and the benefits that companies will get if they recruit women to their tech team.

So who are they? and what are the company’s advantages when it comes to hiring female programmers? Here we present more information about this for you.

Top 8 female programmer in history

Many women are in the IT field and make extraordinary contributions. Even their names are legendary and become one of the advances in this field.

1. Ada Lovelace

The first woman who was very instrumental in the IT field was Ada Lovelace. This British mathematician is the world’s first programmer. Her name is widely known after she co-authored in the famous journal Charles Babbage about analytical machines. Lovelace believes that the machine is not just dwelling on a number, but can provide more.

She became the first person to perform algorithms on machines and it had a huge impact on the evolution of modern computers. But unfortunately, her name was only recognized after a century because when she lived, modern computers had not yet been invented.

2. Grace Hopper

The second woman who is no less great in the IT world is Grace Hopper. She is a computer scientist and member of the United States Navy. During his lifetime, Hopper has contributed a lot to the field of technology with her discoveries that contribute to the development of modern computers today.

Grace Hopper has created an independent machine programming language and the COBOL programming language. This programming language is still used today. She was also the first to introduce the concept of debugging.

3. Sister Mary Kenneth Keller

Who would have thought that a nun could also contribute to the IT world? That’s what Sister Mary Kenneth Keller did, she was a pioneer in computer science. She was the first American woman to earn a Ph.D in computer science.

Sister Mary began her journey as a programmer at Clarke University, the university where she worked for twenty years. She also joined a small team that developed a programming language called BASIC.

4. The Eniac Six Programmer

Eniac (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was the first electronic computer device. This machine is operated by a group of 6 wonderful women namely Kathleen McNulty Mauchly Antonelli, Jean Jennings Bartik, Frances Snyder Holder, Marlyn Wescoff Meltzer, Frances Bilas Spence, and Ruth Lichterman Teitelbaum.

The Eniac Programmer was formed as a secret mission carried out by the United States during World War II. The goal, of course, is to plan a war strategy by utilizing computer technology, where Eniac can calculate a table of weapon fire. Unfortunately, the contributions of these six female members did not gain much recognition until the 1980s.

5. Evelyn Boyd Granville

The next woman who is very instrumental in the IT world is Evelyn Byod Granville. Thanks to her intelligence, she managed to get the title of the second African-American woman to earn a PhD. Mathematics.

Evelyn’s role certainly does not need to be doubted, she is a pioneer in the field of computing. This woman succeeded in creating a computer program for the trajectory of the rocket on the Apollo launch mission into space. After that, she also decided to become a teacher for 30 years and became an advocate who voiced technology education for women.

6. Annie Easley

Annie Easley, a woman who works for NASA as a “human computer” has become one of the great figures who advance the technology and IT industry. He continued to develop his skills in the world of programming when the existence of humans and computers began to be replaced by machines. Not only that, he is also very active in supporting equality in the workplace to combat discrimination issues such as gender differences, race, and so on.

While working at NASA, he has held many important projects. Her code is used to research energy conversion systems used as batteries for early-stage hybrid vehicles. In addition, he was also involved in the development of the Centaur rocket software; a technology used to launch rockets at high speed into space.

7. Radia Perlman

Have you ever thought about who created the internet? technology that makes many people’s lives easier today. Behind the sophistication of the internet that we can feel now, it turns out that there is a great woman who contributed to creating it. She is a computer scientist, educator, author, and speaker named Radia Perlman.

This talented woman has succeeded in realizing the creation of the internet that we use. Until now Perlman has held many large projects that advance the development of technology and IT. One of the most famous is developing the STTP algorithm which is very influential on the success of the internet.

8. Karen Spark Jones

Lastly, a woman who is very influential in the IT world is Karen Spark Jones. He is a British computer scientist and advocate who works on Inverse Document Frequency: a technology used by most modern search engines today.

Karen Spark Jones teaches computer science to study humans, she is also an advocate for women in the computer science community.

Those are some of the female programmers who have contributed greatly to the development of IT today. Many other women are no less great, and maybe your female tech team member is one of them?

Why companies should hire female programmer

Currently, the gender gap between women and men who work in the IT sector is still a glaring problem. The unbalanced number often makes many people underestimate the technical skills of women and think they are no more competent than men.

Both men and women both have a lot of qualified skills, including in the field of programmers. This can be proven by the presence of some of the great female programmers mentioned above.

It is appropriate to eliminate the gender gap stereotype because recruiting women to join and work on your tech team will provide many advantages, one of which of course can improve performance.

In fact, according to a study conducted by psychologist Penelope Lockwood, showing that women are easier and more powerful to achieve success because having same gender role models and often face negative stereotypes about their skills at work. Meanwhile, men do not need a same gender role model.

Algobash Kartini Coding Challenge 2022

To increase diversity in the company’s tech team by recruiting female programmers. Several ways can be done, one of which is to find the best female candidates through a coding competition.

Currently, Algobash will hold a Kartini Coding Challenge which can be followed by all-female programmers in Indonesia. The goal is to help develop their talent in programming as well as help companies find potential female programmer candidates.

With this competition, Algobash wants to advance the IT industry in Indonesia, which is currently still very limited, and also to increase the diversity of the world of work, especially in the IT field.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Kartini Coding Challenge 2022 information, click here.

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