Understanding IQ Test – Types and Results

IQ or intelligence tests are assessments conducted to determine a person’s ability to think logically and comprehensively. This type of intelligence test is usually used as one of the psychological tests that can be found, along with aptitude tests, interest tests, achievement tests, and personality tests. IQ tests can usually be found when applying for a job that requires measuring the intelligence of applicants.

Getting to Know IQ Test

This intelligence test itself has several definitions depending on the expert who interprets intelligence or intellect itself. For example, according to David Wechsler, intelligence is about an individual’s ability not only to measure their thinking patterns but also when they act. Meanwhile, Alfred Binet interprets intelligence as the ability to establish and maintain goals. According to Edward Thorndike, intelligence is an individual’s ability to respond to incoming stimuli. Meanwhile, Thorn Bug defines intelligence as a measure of daily behavior and actions.

From the definitions that experts have, one can also understand what an IQ test is. Intelligence is related to a person’s ability to take action and respond to stimuli received. Therefore, an intelligence test can be used to measure a person’s level of intelligence. This test can be done to determine one’s potential, strengths, and weaknesses that need to be improved.

The Function of IQ Tests

This intelligence test can be used to detect intellectual disabilities and also to measure a person’s intellectual potential. In addition, this test can also be used to assess talents, abilities, and potentials that can be directed in the right direction. This intelligence test is usually influenced by genetics and the environment. IQ tests can be performed on pregnant women to detect the possibility of good intellect that will be born. In addition, this test is also easy to use for selecting job applicants by measuring their intellectual ability.

The functions of IQ tests can provide benefits such as:

  • This test can be used as an appropriate medium to measure ability. The test can be done by measuring logical thinking ability, problem-solving, basic skills, and other things.
  • This test can be used to discover hidden talents and interests.
  • This test can be used to choose majors and careers in the future.
  • This test can be used by companies to select potential employees so that they get candidates who are most suitable for their needs.
  • This test can be useful for individuals to recognize themselves, their talents, interests, and maximize their potential.

Types of IQ Test

The procedure for conducting intelligence tests is usually by providing questions and asking them to be completed within a certain time limit. The types of questions consist of various materials that cover logic, mathematics, and general knowledge. From this test, one can determine a person’s thinking ability and get an answer about their IQ level.

The most popular types of intelligence tests are:

  • The Intelligentz structure test or IST is a type of test developed in Frankfurt Main Germany. This test has 176 questions and is completed in 90 minutes. The questions have different subtopics with complex and quite difficult difficulties.
  • The culture fair intelligence test or CFIT is the next type of test developed by Raymond B. Cattell. This test has a shorter completion time of only 30 minutes with questions divided into two, namely innate intelligence and intelligence influenced by the environment.
  • The standard progressive matrices or SPM is the next test that has a completion time of 25 minutes to measure the intelligence level of adults.
  • The Wechsler adult intelligence scale or WAIS is a test that has 2 sub-parts.
  • The binet test is a type of test to measure a person’s mental abilities.
  • The Indonesian collective intelligence or TIKI is a test to determine the intelligence standard of Indonesian society.

IQ Test Results

To read the results of this intelligence test, there are two scores that will be obtained. A high score is a result that is more than 100, which means that someone who gets this score has high intelligence. Especially when getting results above 130, it means having very high intelligence or genius.

Meanwhile, the next score is a low score below 100. Those who get results below 70, they have a learning disability. The results of the test can also be used to recruit employees who have the intelligence that is required in the workplace. Therefore, it is not surprising that IQ tests are an initial screening conducted by companies.

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